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Since time immemorial our lives have revolved around lavish feasts and abundant celebrations…

Through the ancient, mediaeval and modern times a lavish meal has always accompanied us in all important moments and during making vital decisions.

In recent decades though, we have almost forgotten that food is the greatest need of all of us. What would life be without a Christmas table with its wonderful tastes and smells, which are engraved in our memories for ever, which bring nice memories back and make you think for a while… We remember the tastes of childhood… the taste of granny’s cooking and the taste of Christmas or Easter…

The culture of eating is also a testimony of belonging to the world, which now has become smaller and more accessible. The passion of cooking is one of the greatest talents that can be brought onto this world. The biggest joy is to bring pleasure to others. The content faces of guests is the most wonderful pay for this hard work.

It was passion that made us open a unique restaurant in Cracow, which can draw up guests to aromatic lemongrass and coconut milk of Thailand, aniseed and cinnamon China, spicy and lime- smelling South America, cream and garlic France or to Japan – full of freshness, health and simplicity. All these tastes, how unfamiliar to us, we have gathered in one place. Here, without leaving town we can experience a real feast of colors, smells and tastes… we can taste fresh fish brought in from distant seas, rare fruit, sauces or meats. Apart from exceptional and unique taste of sushi , our chef Tomasz Lapinski takes us on a light and sophisticated journey through almost all continents. A great advantage of our restaurant is, apart from already well known in Poland sushi, a very rich main courses and starters menu coming not only from Japan, but also from Asia, both Americas and Europe. We give special pietism to desserts on our menu, as we wish to show that a dessert does not mean a cheesecake or an apple pie.

We are here for you – let us then take you into the magic world of glorious culinary experience…

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