Sushi at your place

Mobile Sushi Bar

At Your Place


Our restaurant also organizes catering in our guests’ houses. We have a mobile sushi bar, where our Sushi Master can prepare sushi for you in the comfort of your own house. The Sushi Master will take care of your guests and undoubtedly will become the attraction of the evening. He will gladly talk about sushi and reveal some secrets regarding preparing the delicacy from the Land of Cherry Blossoms. He will constantly consult with your guests so that the sushi that he is creating meets the culinary fantasies of the meeting members.

Sushi Master- if there is such a need, will also conduct a training on how use chopsticks and will talk about the Japanese food etiquette. “Catering at home” is tailor-made for the needs of our guests- we can also organize a cook serving starters and main dishes, as well as a waitress who will take care of cleanliness and the guests’ service.

The realization and the price of the catering is customized.